Dr. Jane's "Rewind The Future" Tour of New Zealand

Together we can. Together we will!

The clock is ticking for planet Earth. As we move forward in time, the earth moves closer to the point of no return. But there is hope.

In May 2019 Dr. Goodall addressed New Zealanders about the mounting global crises that we currently face, such as climate change and environmental degradation, poverty, the sixth mass extinction and global conflict. She spoke about her life of devotion to making a difference for all, solutions born from community-centred conservation, as witnessed personally through her work and that of her Institute, and the power of individual action to enable us to change the course of time, creating a future where people, animals and the environment live in balance.

Together, we have the power to turn back the clock. We can all rewind the future.

Together we can! Together we will!