Our everyday choices can turn the tide for ourselves, animals and the planet we share.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Dr. Jane Goodall

Up to two thirds of all species on this planet expected to become extinct over the next four generations of human life due to anthropomorphic activities. Due to our over consumptive lifestyles, the Earth is nearing its limits, with industrial, food and water resources being depleted beyond the point of replenishment. Human behaviour is also a major driver behind such threatening processes as climate change, deforestation and pollution. If the human race continues to indulge in unsustainable lifestyles, the future for our species, the species we share this earth with, and the environment is dire.

However, changing this trend and helping our planet doesn't have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Undertaking environmentally sustainable behaviour change in order to create a healthier planet starts with the individual – you! It's about being informed and making simple everyday choices that can free animals from suffering, reduce wasted resources, reduce landfill and also benefit communities.

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Dr Jane On Some Of The Ways She Lives Sustainably

1. I don't eat meat or fish. My favourite exotic vegetarian dish I've eaten on my travels are bright yellow, small, mushrooms picked in the Goualougo rainforest in Republic of Congo. They were cooked by pygmies with special forest leaves and eaten around a campfire at night.

2. I only buy stuff I absolutely need. Many of my clothes I have worn for years. Knowing how we are harming the planet with a greedy and unsustainable life-style, I try to leave as light an ecological footprint as I can.

3. I turn off all lights and TV when I'm not using them. I almost never use air-conditioning in hotels refuse room service, put clean towels and pillows aside with "clean" written on a note and use backs of things for lecture notes. I save rolls of slices of bread from a lunch or a dinner to eat for breakfast.

4. I think I have always lived sustainably. I was only a child during World War II but our food and clothes were rationed. I think since then I have never taken things for granted.

5. I try to convince people that if we all make ethical choices each day in what we buy, eat and wear we shall move towards a more sustainable world.