Tree Planting

Joakim Liman is on a mission to restore the Miramar Peninsula.

His voluntary organisation, Te Motu Kairangi-Miramar Ecological Restoration Group, has been beautifying Miramar by planting native plants that were in danger of disappearing.

"The main goal is to restore the peninsula to a more healthy and complete ecosystem and to bring more nature within the urban community"

Dr. Jane Goodall visited Te Motu Kairangi-Miramar ecological restoration, and meet the members of the group and the wonderful Joakim, to see some of the work they have done here over the last 9 years.

Together with some of our amazing and hard working volunteers, students from Worser bay school and from Janes own Roots & Shoots programme, we walked part of the track, looked into our weta hotels and inspected some of our planting sites.

In a sunny gap in the canopy, Jane planted a kohekohe tree (Dysoxylum spectabile). - With of course some leaf kisses for good luck. She named it Treebeard.

We hope it will grow tall, live long and provide shelter and food for the native wildlife.