Community Gardens

Dr Goodall joined the volunteers at the Richmond Community Garden for afternoon tea whilst in Chrsitchurch.

She said it was "wonderful" to see a community garden come out of an area stricken by earthquakes.  

Garden coordinator Rachel Thwaites said Goodall was she was "the female version of David Attenborough" and she was "blown away" that she had made time to visit the garden.

"I really wish my daughter could be here because she's [Goodall] a really positive role model … her view on nature, just everything she has done [with] spreading the word and planting the seed with our children," Thwaites said.

The original Richmond Community Garden was set up next to Avebury House before the earthquake. 

The two-hectare garden has a five-year lease for the patch of red zone land near River Rd. It is part of the Canterbury Community Gardens Association, a collection of over 30 gardens around the region.

About 15 volunteers supply vegetables for food banks, including Delta, the City Mission and the New Brighton Pantry. They also run regular community days on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as workshops.