The Jane Goodall Institute is a global nonprofit focused on undertaking and inspiring action  towards a healthy planet, where people live sustainably and in harmony with animals and a shared environment.

At the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand:

  • We strive to respect, nourish and protect all living things. As people, animals and the environment are all interconnected.
  • We believe that knowledge leads to understanding, and that understanding will encourage us to take action.
  • We believe that every individual has the ability to make a positive difference.
  • We believe that flexibility and open-mindedness are essential to enable us to respond to a changing world.
  • We require integrity and compassion in all that we do and say.

Our Global Team

Global gathering of JGI's in Vienna in 2017. JGI NZ is a Chapter of JGI and joins with other Chapters around the world to further the organisation's mission. 


Jane Goodall Institutes are making a difference around the world everyday.

The Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand operates independently but in collaboration with Chapters worldwide.

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