The dietary choices you make every day impact animals, your own health and our planet.

You can make a difference every day for animals, your health and for the planet and you don’t even have to do anything extraordinary. Every meal is a chance to make a difference. It’s as simple as what you choose to eat!

Eating with care - Care for your own health. Care for the health of animals. Care for the  environment that we share and planet that is at risk.

And, it isn’t about missing out - it’s about adding compassion. By keeping animal products off your plate you’re helping to save lives, protecting the planet, and it’s a healthier lifestyle for you, too!

Eat With Care

For the Planet

Intensive farming is dramatically impacting on the New Zealand environment, threatening our land and waterways.

As the UN urges that the world move to a meat and dairy-free diet consider that:

  • Over 50% of the land cleared in New Zealand is used for animal farming. Globally, one third of our planet’s landmass has already been cleared to farm animals, making animal farming the leading cause of deforestation around the world
  • Farms consume more food than they produce. On average it takes 6 kg or plant protein to produce just 1 kg of animal protein
  • The New Zealand Ministry for the Environment reports that runoff from animal farms is so toxic it is contaminating surrounding groundwater and streams, making it the worst threat to our freshwater ecosystems
  • An estimated one third of the world’s cereal harvest is fed to farmed animals. That would be enough grain to feed about 3 billion people
  • Scientists predict that at current fishing rates the oceans’ fish populations could collapse by 2050
  • Raising animals for food contributes to more greenhouse gases than any other sector (including transportation). New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are the fifth highest per capita among 40 developed countries.

For Your Health

By cutting animal products out of you diet you can reap many benefits:

  • Lose weight

Studies show that people who eat a plant-based diet have lower rates of obesity. On average, people who don’t eat meat, dairy and eggs weigh up to 20% less than people who eat meat.

  • Be heart healthy

Studies show that heart disease can usually be prevented and even reversed with a plant-based diet.

  • Cut your cancer risk

The World Health Organisation found that about one-third of cancer cases can be prevented with a healthy plant-based diet, physical activity and a healthy waistline.

For the Animals

Many traditional factory farm animals, like cows and pigs, have been confirmed to have impressive reasoning abilities, and often develop deep emotional relationships with other animals and humans.

As Dr Jane has famously said "It isn't only human beings who have personality, who are capable of rational thought and emotions like joy and sorrow."

Intensive farming practices in New Zealand leads to suffering for millions of animals. By eating with care you can reduce animal suffering and save around 100 lives each year.

Take Action

Choosing to eat differently does not have to be a complete upheaval in order for it to be completely revolutionary!

Join us and reduce your consumption of animal products, and thereby reduce the negative impact food choices have on your own health, the environment, and other humans and animals, both locally and worldwide.

This may mean taking steps, such as 'Meatless Monday'. It may be cutting back or it may be cutting out. Find a way to reduce consumption of animal products that works for you so that your new choices stick.

Unsure about how to step into a new plant-based diet - SAFE's 100% Vegetarian Starter Guide has everything you need to know to start.

“I became a vegetarian because of the horrendous suffering on factory farms and in abattoirs.” - Dr. Goodall

Dr. Goodall travels the world with 'Cow' and speaks on the destructive effects of animal agriculture, including land and water pollution, antibiotic resistance, depletion of fresh water resources and animal cruelty.

Need some more inspiration to make a difference?

There are some wonderful films that can provide information and motivation to move to a plant-based diet.

H.O.P.E - What Your Eat Matters  (Which features Dr Jane, and can be viewed below)


What The Health