Today is Giving Tuesday and today we need the supporters of the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand to help us. The Jane Goodall Institute undertakes sustainable development projects, protects biodiversity and inspirers and empowers future change-makers. Dr Goodall travels more than 300 days a year to inspire and urge individuals, organisations, leaders and countries to make a difference for animals, people, and our shared planet. 

This Giving Tuesday, if you value the work of the Jane Goodall Institute and Dr Goodall, please give, and ensure we can work for the future you want to see! 

Help the prosperity of communities, species and our planet!

The Jane Goodall Institute undertakes sustainable development projects that directly impact social, economic and environmental outcomes for animals, people and our shared environment. 

Collaberating with local communities and building medical clinics and schools, supporting education, diminishing threats to wildlife and their habitats and supporting sustainable livelihoods, our sustainable development initiatives are helping to manage natural resources for economic growth and environmental prosperity. 

If supporting JGIs sustainable development projects have value to you please give now!

Our work on the ground allows us to actively protect and rehabilitate victims of the illegal bushmeat and exotic pet trade. Working with authorities, confiscated orphan chimpanzees are brought to our sanctuaries where they receive medical treatment, food, safe habitat and the opportunity to socialise with fellow primates. 

The Jane Goodall Institute also continues the research that Dr. Jane began and develops technological innovations to support research and wild and captive wildlife care and conservation. 

If protecting biodiversity and conservation research are important to you, please give now!

The Jane Goodall Institutes world-renowned sustainability and citizenship education programme Roots & Shoots builds on the vision of Dr. Goodall to place the power for creating community based action in response to big challenges in the hands of future leaders. 

Through hands-on learning that promotes leadership skills, critical thinking and compassion, individuals are empowered to achieve practical outcomes as agents participating in a global network of change. 

If educating and inspiring change-makers is something you would like to invest in, give now!

You can help develop  protect, educate and inspire by helping the Jane Goodall Institute today, to help achieve the world you want to see tomorrow.