We look at the big picture, focusing on actions that not only protect endangered animals and their habitats, but also benefit the local people whose lives depend on a healthy environment. By empowering local communities, and working with them to address priorities they lack such as access to infrastructure like schools for their children, we are building a future of conservation leaders with the means to use sustainable practices for the benefit of themselves, their families and communities, along with wildlife.

Through this project, we can achieve conservation goals, while improving the livelihoods of local communities. This gives young people a chance for a more hopeful future and builds sensitivity to the idea that everything is connected. Having a quality education boosts income and overall economic growth, reducing poverty and opening communities up to more choices to ensure the well being of people, animals, and surrounding habitats. It also increases positive health outcomes, delays early child-bearing among girls (which can limit access to other opportunities), and enhances decision-making on the health of the individual and family.

Through our investment in environmental education and school infrastructure, we are fostering a new generation of dedicated individuals who care about and protect the planet we all share.