Projects making a difference for Animals, People and the Environment!

A.P.E. Projects - Sustainable Food

Community Plant-In & Food Celebration           At a sustainable food community gathering with Action Against Hunger, we will learn about urban gardening and plant food garden boxes together, and then enjoy a potluck with a ‘fireside chat’ on sustainability and food justice. The gardens will be donated to a local shelter who will continue to grow and enjoy the produce.            Global Goal: 12 + 15
Water Collection/ Kindness Garden           The funds will help us create a project that will divert rain water off of the gardens gazebo into a dry creek bed to help demonstrate water collection/ conservation methods that can be used in sustainable landscaping or gardening.           Global Goals: 6 + 12
Food Sustainability Workshops                Regenesis UTSC will host workshops specific to various food sustainability aspects, in order to promote change within their campus community. The workshops will be open to students and staff members of UTSC.           Global Goal: 12
Sustainable Garden Initiative           The initiative concerns the construction of a sustainable peace garden for our school community over the course of the 2018-2019 school year that follows the following guiding principles: environmental awareness, ecological sustainability, and a peaceful reflection space that improves mental health.           Global Goals: 13 + 15
A Place of Growth                 Developing a 1000 square foot garden space on our school ground, to offer and explore a range of exciting learning opportunities around organic, holistic and sustainable food systems, including composting, raised-beds, irrigation and aquaponics.           Global Goals: 12 + 13
Community Gardens           Our Green Team at Sherwood School is working toward initiatives that support sustainability in our community. To this end we would like to partner with a local community organization to develop community gardens to grow vegetables. The food will be shared with the community.           Global Goals: 12 + 15
Habitat/Bird Garden           Secondary 2 students and Green Team members created a habitat garden 2 years ago to attract birds and pollinating insects. The bird feeders broke and need to be replaced, and we need squirrel proof poles to suspend them from. We will plant native flowers, shrubs and plants for pollinating insects.            Global Goals: 15
Food Literate Leaders           Students would like to host sustainable food education workshops in tandem with an awareness campaign and a shared community meal made up entirely of local, seasonal and organic food. The project aims to create positive behavioural change amongst student participants. Global Goals: 12 + 13
Climate Change and Sustainable Food Choices: Mind Bombs!           Mind bombs are short, gutsy, globally conscious works of art that campaign for social change. Grades 4-6 students will create video-based mind bombs and test and track their impact. Their mind bombs will focus on Indigenous and other perspectives on sustainable food in the face of climate change.           Global Goals: 12 + 13 + 15

A.P.E. Projects - Indigenous Perspectives

Seed to Seed, Elder to Youth           This project will bring the children of our school and the wider community into greater knowledge and sharing of traditional history, culture and agriculture through a series of events and workshops and the planting of a traditional food garden culminating in a fall feast.           Global Goals: 6 + 12 + 13 + 15
Connecting Students with Local Indigenous Knowledge          Several classes at our school walk weekly to a nearby forest, where they have opportunities to build connections to and appreciate their local environment. We would like to invite a local elder to come to the forest with us, and to impart stories and knowledge from their culture.          Global Goals: 12 + 13 + 15
Today We Are Going To Change the World - Connecting Communities          Two schools from diverse neighborhoods come together to learn about each other’s community and help their green spaces. One has a large indigenous community, the other with a large immigrant population. The students will learn about the people and places that make those communities unique.        Global Goals: 6 + 12 + 13 + 15 
In Their Shoes          Through education and citizenship, the goal of this action project is to bring awareness to child welfare issues by making moccasins for Indigenous foster children. Once students have created their moccasins, they will have an opportunity to deliver them to appropriate organisations. Global Goals: 12
Kids Learn From Elders           We plan to bring together elders and youth to share their knowledge on how to be sustainable, to be kind to the environment and everything that lives there. We would host an event where Indigenous elders would share stories about using things from nature in a sustainable way.           Global Goal: 15
Native Medicinal Plant Trail           • To Expand our Native Plant Trail• Update our Native Trail Guide• Write & Share Stories of Native Plants & Trees• Teach how to propagate endangered, threatened and rare native plant medicines from this endangered bioregion.          Global Goals: 6 + 12 + 13 + 15
Medicinal Salve Making Workshops          A local indigenous herbalist and educator, will lead the students in a medicinal salve making workshop. Each student will take home their own salve made with infused plant oil and local beeswax, which is excellent for cuts, bruises, inflammation, chapped skin and sunburned skin. Global Goal: 15
Indigenous Garden            The project will include the completion of the outdoor classroom as well as go towards the Indigenous garden in the same area of the classroom. The Students will be working with Elders learning the plants and purpose for the plants.            Global Goals: 12 + 13 + 15
Water Sacred & Scarce         The Project ‘Water: Sacred and Scarce’ will involve a cultural exchange between Indigenous & non-Indigenous youth using Skype in the classroom and other tech tools to empower students as leaders to protect water in their communities and homes. Global Goal: 6

A.P.E. Projects - Connecting With Nature

Green on Green Street A team of students and teachers are converting our courtyard to an outdoor classroom and garden. Open to all students, including those from the local special needs and elementary schools, the space will allow for contextualized learning during class and unique social opportunities outside class.
Butterfly/Native Wildflower Garden Students in the school’s Nature Club will take an active leadership role to design and plant a native wildflower/butterfly garden. The focus will be on conserving and enhancing the existing natural environment, while creating outdoor spaces which stimulate learning; “hands-on” experiences with nature
Save Our Species: Connecting Nature, Students and Technology Our plan is to have students take their learning outdoors! They will research local flora and fauna and take digital photos of different species. Students will create a website and QR codes to educate citizens on local species and how to protect them.
Outdoor Library and Research Station Our goal to provide participants with an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with the natural world. The Outdoor Library will give children independent access to materials that can assist with their research and investigations in the field.
Forest Medicinal Rehabilitation We would like to cross grade teach with year 1 and with year 4 and plant together native species in our forest strip on the school property. This would include research about indigenous species of plants and their original medicinal purpose mentor to the year 1’s and then report to other years.
Butterflies and Bumblebee Garden In the middle of the city, it is hard to find flowers and plants to support the safety and food source of butterflies and bumblebees. In our action, we will research what butterflies and bumblebees look for and need in a garden and learn how to plant and maintain a flower garden.