Begin your Roots & Shoots journey by learning more about the remarkable woman who wants us all to make a difference for animals, people, and the environment. Be inspired to make your own difference. 

Dr. Jane believes in the positive impact that informed youth can make in our world. Developing a sense of community and connection among humans, animals, and the environment is fundamental to the creation of a Roots & Shoots project. In this first step, Engagement, students are encouraged to learn about Dr. Jane’s life, witness examples of other young change-makers, and begin to see how one individual can have a tremendous impact on the world.

Begin by getting excited about making a difference, because this may be the first opportunity to do so. As part of Roots & Shoots you are part of a vast, global network of young people. 

The “Get Engaged” section of the Toolkit has an outline for starting your Roots & Shoots project and details about Dr. Jane.

Get Inspired!

Your involvement helps us develop hundreds of thousands of young people like these global citizens.

Learn about the impact of Roots & Shoots

Young people who participate in Roots & Shoots become powerful change agents on behalf of animals, people, and environments across the globe - and represent the next generation of Dr. Jane Goodalls.

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