Jane Goodall Institute work is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In September of 2015, the United Nations decided what world they wanted to see, and crafted a set of 17 goals to help us achieve that vision. These Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) tackled some of humanity’s most difficult problems, from climate change to inequality. Now, a year after their inception, the UN has released its inaugural review of the SDGs. Essentially the planet’s annual report card, the UN report on “Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals” has reviewed the SDGs’ first year in effect and measures the world’s progress towards achieving them by the year 2030.

The world as it stands is a long way from solving all of its problems. 800 million people are suffering without adequate food and 2.4 million still live without access to improved sanitation. The issues are complex, and will take time to fully address. Since one year is not enough to truly evaluate our progress towards the SDG’s, the UN’s first report has examined trends over the last year and identified what challenges may exist in our pursuit of the goals. The result is an assessment of what we need in terms of action and resources in order to move closer toward that better world in 2030.

The work of the Jane Goodall Institute acts to address many of the Global Goals, and we are invested in their long-term success. JGI is contributing to the accomplishment of the SDGs.

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