The Jane Goodall Institute is a global nonprofit focused on undertaking and inspiring action  towards a healthy planet, where people live sustainably and in harmony with animals and a shared environment.

Our Leadership

The Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand operates independently but in collaboration with Chapters worldwide. 

  • We strive to respect, nourish and protect all living things; As people, animals and the environment are all interconnected.
  • We believe that knowledge leads to understanding, and that understanding will encourage us to take action.
  • We believe that every individual has the ability to make a positive difference.
  • We believe that flexibility and open-mindedness are essential to enable us to respond to a changing world.
  • We require integrity and compassion in all that we do and say.

JGINZ Patron

The Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand is delighted to have the Right Honourable Helen Clark, former UNDP Administrator and Prime Minister of New Zealand, as its patron.

Our Operations Team

Our mission

Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand exists to undertake work on global and local sustainability issues and to work towards creating an informed and compassionate critical mass of people who will help to create a better world for people, other animals and our shared environment.

Our Roots & Shoots Outreach Team

Roots creep underground everywhere and make a firm foundation. Shoots seem very weak, but to reach the light, they can break open brick walls.

JGI's Roots & Shoots programme empowers people with the tools, motivation and support they need to address the problems that matter most to them.

Through JGINZ's nationwide Roots & Shoots outreach team we create an ever expanding network of people, joining the R&S global network, who are inspired and engaged to be change‐makers in human rights, environmental preservation and animal protection issues, undertaking change projects which contribute to the global goals of sustainability.

Our Youth Leaders

JGI New Zealand believes in empowering young people to act as conservation leaders. 

Our programmes and campaigns are guided by our youth leaders, and they engage and inspire others with their actions.

Our Global Perspective

Global gathering of JGI's in Barcelona in 2015. JGI NZ is a Chapter of JGI and joins with other Chapters around the world to further the organisation's mission. 


Jane Goodall Institutes are making a difference around the world everyday.

Our approach as a global conservation organisation has always been community-centred, while working together across sectors, regions and cultures to make the greatest impact. This means improving the lives of people, animals, and the environment through international and local collaboration, and having the people who know their communities best take the lead in creating positive change.

We inspire hope through the collective power of individual action.

JGI – GLOBAL                                                                                                          JGI – EUROPE

R & S – ABU DHABI                                                                                               JGI – ARGENTINA

JGI – AUSTRALIA                                                                                                   JGI – AUSTRIA

JGI – BELGIUM                                                                                                       JGI – CANADA

JGI – CHILE                                                                                                              JGI – CHINA – BEIJING

R & S – CHINA – CHENGDU                                                                            R & S – CHINA – SHANGHAI

R & S – COLOMBIA                                                                                               JGI – REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO

JGI – DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO                                  JGI – FRANCE

JGI – GERMANY                                                                                                     JGI – HONG KONG

JGI – HUNGARY                                                                                                     R & S – INDONESIA

JGI – ITALY                                                                                                                JGI – JAPAN

JGI – KENYA                                                                                                             R & S – LATIN AMERICA & CARIBBEAN

R & S – MALAYSIA                                                                                                  JGI – NEPAL

JGI – NETHERLANDS                                                                                           JGI – NEW ZEALAND

JGI – SINGAPORE                                                                                                   JGI – SOUTH AFRICA

R & S – SOUTH KOREA                                                                                        JGI – SPAIN

JGI – SWEDEN                                                                                                         JGI – SWITZERLAND

JGI – TAIWAN                                                                                                          JGI – TANZANIA

JGI – UGANDA                                                                                                        JGI – UK