Our Approach

Dr. Jane Goodall discovered that when we put local communities at the heart of conservation, we improve the lives of people, animals and the environment. JGI advances Dr. Goodall’s holistic approach through a tapestry of six strategies that build on each other and bring the power of community conservation to life.




Our Work

  • Sustainable Development - Community Conservation
  • Protecting Biodiversity - Suporting Chimpanzees & Other Great Apes
  • Sustainability Education - Environmental Education

Our Programmatic Areas

  • Sustainability Action & Advocacy
  • Education
  • Conservation Science
  • Wild Chimpanzee & Other Great Ape Conservation
  • Captive Chimpanzee/Primate Wellbeing
  • Youth Engagement in Sustainability Actions

Our Strategies

  • Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Improving Gender & Health Outcomes
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Environmental Education
  • Using Science & Technology for Conservation
  • Ensuring Healthy Habitats
  • Protecting Great Apes
  • Captive Care and Management of wildlife
  • R&S Education Outreach

Our Projects

  • Micro-credit
  • Girl’s scholarships
  • Peer education
  • Fuel efficient stoves
  • Coffee production
  • Beekeeping & Honey production
  • Agroforestry
  • Environmental lessons
  • Radio & television broadcasts
  • Billboard campaign
  • B-Record life history
  • Monitoring forest & working with law enforcement
  • Earth observation & remote sensing
  • Restoring habitats & fighting climate change
  • Snare removal
  • Tchimpounga sanctuary
  • Partnerships with captive carers
  • R&S education & actions
  • National Youth Leadership Council
  • SDGs education

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations crafted a set of 17 goals to help us achieve a vision of a better world for all, people, animals and our planet. These Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) tackle some of humanity’s most difficult problems, from climate change to inequality. These Global Goals set in place targets to work towards in order to achieve our ultimate goal by 2030.

JGI contributes towards achieving each of these global goals through our work in programmes in Africa, New Zealand and globally. Through your actions in our programmes and with our campaigns. Together we can make a difference and reach our goals, for the benefit of animals, people and our environment.

The work of the Jane Goodall Institute acts to address the Global Goals, and we are invested in their long-term success.

The Jane Goodall Institute is contributing to the accomplishment of the SDGs.

Help JGI work to achieve these goals 

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