Celebrating our closest cousin in the animal kingdom.

Hot Off The Press From Dr. Jane on World Chimpanzee Day

Dr. Goodall has provided a very special video and blog marking World Chimpanzee Day.

Jane reflects on her most beautiful time with the chimpanzees, all that is worth celebrating about our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom, and that we must each take action to protect chimpanzees in the wild, and in captivity, before it is too late.

See and read Jane's messages for World Chimpanzee Day here.

In an effort to galvanise both wild and captive chimpanzee care and conservation communities, as well as engage our collective audiences and networks, we celebrate World Chimpanzee Day - July 14.

July 14, 1960 is the day Dr. Jane Goodall first stepped foot in what is now Gombe Stream National Park to study wild chimpanzees. Dr. Goodall called attention to the remarkable chimpanzee and to this day, six decades later, advocates on their behalf.

In honour of humans’ closest cousin, World Chimpanzee Day is a celebration of chimpanzees and an opportunity to raise awareness about the vital need for worldwide participation in their care, protection, and conservation in the wild and in captivity.

Goals of World Chimpanzee Day:

  • Celebrate humans’ closest cousin in the animal kingdom;
  • Raise awareness about threats they face in the wild including habitat loss, disease, and wildlife trafficking; and
  • Promote their proper care in captive situations.

The founding organisations for World Chimpanzee Day aim to empower communities everywhere to take action on behalf of chimpanzees to ensure a secure and hopeful future for this magnificent species.

Why World Chimpanzee Day

Celebrating Chimpanzees

Through the groundbreaking research of Dr. Jane Goodall and the scientists who followed her, we now know so much more about the many behaviours we share with our great ape cousins, including tool making and use, communication, and altruism, among so many others. The more we learn, the more important it is that we celebrate our connection and responsibility to protect these complex and intelligent beings.

Conserving Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are highly endangered. 100 years ago, there were an estimated 1-2 million chimpanzees across 25 countries in Africa. Today, there are as few as 350,000 wild chimpanzees across the continent of Africa. We must each do our part to turn those numbers around, by ending habitat loss, illegal pet and bush meat trades, and all of the other threats facing our closest living relatives.

Caring for Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are kept in captivity in a variety of settings from well run and monitored zoo environments to biomedical research facilities, the entertainment industry and as illegal “pets”. In some of these environments they are sometimes deprived of essential physical, emotional and especially social needs. This observance aims to educate the public and promote legislation to end these conditions, increasing the welfare and rights of all captive chimps.

Take Action for Chimpanzees


Create chimpanzee art and post a photo of your art to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WorldChimpanzeeDay, #WCDArtContest and @janegoodallinst to enter our World Chimpanzee Day competition. The top ten pieces will be announced on World Chimpanzee Day and be featured across social media channels.


Be a part of Team Jane raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute’s work to accomplish Jane’s vision by protecting species, their habitats, and improving the well-being of people around the globe. The beauty of Team Jane is that not only do you get to #BeLikeJane, but you get to do so anyway you like! It’s incredibly easy to start - and share your success with us! The World Chimpanzee Day Team Jane Kit includes an informative one-pager, example letter, email, and social text for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for all your Team Jane WCD needs.


Celebrate World Chimpanzee Day on social media! Spread the word about our amazing cousins, the threats they are facing, and the ways we can all make a difference.  On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, don’t forget to tag #WorldChimpanzeeDay and @janegoodallinst so we, and everyone involved in the movement, can celebrate with you!

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Call to Action Recycle used mobile phones and other electronics to help protect chimps and their habitats all over the world.

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