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In support of No Domestic Trade, please email this “ready-to-send” submission to the New Zealand government, who are currently reviewing the legislation regulating the trade in endangered species, asking for a complete ban of the domestic ivory and rhino horn trade in New Zealand.

For more information on why this complete ban is needed in New Zealand: Read more on our 'No Domestic Trade' campaign as part of JGIs 'Jane's Traffic Stop' campaign work.

Take action: 

You can write your own submission in support of:

- a full ban on the domestic trade of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn in New Zealand; and

- a full ban on the import and export of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn into and from New Zealand.

and email to:


Simply enter your details below, scroll/read down and click “Submit” to send the submission.

Submissions must be sent by 5pm on the 25th of October 2019