NYLC are the youth voice of R&S New Zealand dedicated to making positive change happen for people, animals, and the environment. Leaders set to learn, grow, and collaborate on campaigns that make the world a better place.

Our Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) is made up of a passionate group of young people from around New Zealand who are dedicated to making positive change happen for people, animals, and the environment.

JGI NZ NYLC members have the opportunity to be part of a network of likeminded young people working together to address the issues that they’re most passionate about. In this role they represent Roots & Shoots, develop and implement campaigns and resources, meet regularly with other Youth Leaders, connect with students and the wider community, develop professional skills and networks, attend and organise events, and participate in key global campaigns. The NYLC is designed to be driven by young people!

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Meet The Current National Leadership Council

Nila - 21, Palmerston North

As Dr. Jane herself has said: "Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference." I believe that the world's most pressing problems can only be addressed by the cumulative change of attitude and behaviour of individuals working together in communities.

Community engagement, youth leadership and helping those that cannot so easily help themselves are all causes that I feel a strong connection to. And hence it is with passion, pleasure and pride that I strive to share these values, and fully embrace them myself, through the NYLC and national Roots & Shoots programme.

Amber - 22, Wellington

Nature has always been my greatest passion. Its wonders have intrigued me since I was small and it never ceases to amaze and inspire me. It is incredibly important that I do my part in protecting it, through my lifestyle, learning what I can through my degree in ecology and biodiversity, and volunteer work in conservation.

I was first inspired by Jane at the age of 14, when I discovered her book in an op shop and instantly fascinated with her story. She inspires my drive to help educate and inspire others, on what is happening to the environment and what we can do to help look after it.
We have to respect the Earth and look after each other, give vulnerable species a chance and leave future generations a planet full of the natural wonders and privileges we share today. We all have the power to make change happen that benefits everyone.

Marie - 23, New Plymouth

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead 

It is very important that as young people we protect our future by bringing awareness about the environment to other people and lead by example by making change to our daily way of life. I always wanted to make a difference in bringing awareness to people about the urgency of taking care of our environment and taking concrete actions to make a change around me.

Erika - 23, Hamilton

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for wildlife and conservation. I was inspired from a young age by many famous conservationists and have always felt connected with animals and nature. I have grown to want to pursue making as big a positive impact as I can. My goal is to make a difference, to change the world. I believe that as Dr Jane said herself,” every individual makes a difference” and I want to be that difference.   

I am passionate about saving our environment. Nature is incredible and our planet is home to a large diversity of species, that I feel fortunate enough to share this space with. I want to share this wonder with others. For me being a part of the NYLC is an important stepping stone towards embracing my values, learning more about what inspired me and hopefully inspiring others.

Imogen - 21, Palmerston North

The world has always been my passion, and I believe we can all make a difference in our daily lives to improve our impact upon it. Whether it be campaigning animal conservation, reducing waste, increasing plant diversity or simply being passionate about the planet we live on, we have a duty to treat it well. The three branches of the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand; Animals, People and the Environment are all passions of mine.

Being a part of the National Youth Leadership Council is a great opportunity and gives me the opportunity to express these passions, as well as explore my university degree in Zoology and Genetics. Young people have the greatest potential impact on Earth. Taking hold of sustainable practices and protecting endangered species from extinction are actions that need to be undertaken now, and young people are the ones who need to initiate the change. Humans living in partnership with nature is key to a better future.

Mandira - 20, Christchurch

Young leaders can present new ideas and insight into this rapidly changing world. Even though, we haven't had much experience with things I feel like it's the attitude, determination and willingness to help others that drives us to make a difference! 

Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated by nature and our beautiful New Zealand environment. I love working with plants, animals and people in order to make a positive impact on their lives and also learning and contributing something along the way. I would love to part of the NYLC to meet some amazing new people and do my part to help the world as much as I can.

Emily - 23, Auckland

Jane Goodall herself has said that when the mind and heart work together we are able to achieve our true potential. I strongly believe that this is the case - when we care we are driven to see the changes our hearts crave. My heart and mind both crave changes for the sake of our planet, and I am determined to do my best to make a difference. 

Seeing communities and young people come together to raise their voices in order to help those who may not be heard is a cause I am very passionate about. I am passionate about sustainability,  equality and nature. I am hugely excited to share in these ideas with you, and work alongside you with the NYLC and JGINZ Roots & Shoots Programme.

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