Human behaviour is identified as being one of the most threatening processes to the natural world.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Dr. Jane Goodall

Up to two thirds of all species on this planet expected to become extinct over the next four generations of human life due to anthropomorphic activities. Due to our over consumptive lifestyles, the Earth is nearing its limits, with industrial, food and water resources being depleted beyond the point of replenishment. Human behaviour is also a major driver behind such threatening processes as climate change, deforestation and pollution. If the human race continues to indulge in unsustainable lifestyles, the future for our species, the species we share this earth with, and the environment is dire.

However, changing this trend of destruction and helping our planet doesn't have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Undertaking environmentally sustainable behaviour change in order to create a healthier planet starts with the individual – you! It's about being informed and making simple everyday choices that can free animals from suffering, reduce wasted resources, reduce landfill and also benefit communities.

Dr. Jane Walks the Talk

Dr. Jane Goodall believes even small choices can have a huge impact, so she is doing everything she can to use and waste the least amount possible.

She is very aware that she flies a lot (300 days a year on average) and so she tries to constantly counteract that carbon footprint. On the road she is conscious about what she packs (the weight of it), and keeps her wardrobe basic, versatile and timeless.

She is a vegetarian.

In her hotel rooms she turns off the AC, uses only one trash can, reuses the toiletries, puts extra pillows and linens in the closet and leaves notes for the maids so they know when something doesn’t need to be cleaned.

Campaign objectives

  • Encourage people to adopt three simple actions every day for 21 days in order to create a better world.
  • Facilitate the development of a conservation ethic and environmentally responsible behavior change among participants.
  • Encourage individual action within JGI NZʼs three main areas of focus: Animals, People and the Environment

JGI NZ's Live the Change challenge is designed to encourage people to adopt three simple actions every day for 21 days, in the hope that these actions become life long habits.

Studies have shown that by repeating behaviour over 21 days the behaviour becomes a habit. JGI NZ hopes that by encouraging followers to undertake the Live the Change Challenge, a sustainable behaviour change movement will begin.

Take Action

Join our 21 day challenge by registering via email with JGI NZ.

When choosing your 3 actions, we suggest that you choose one action for each of JGI's areas of focus: animals, people and the environment. Use our 21 Day Challenge blog,, and information from our website for tips, support and inspiration.

Or you can raise funds for JGI NZ by participating in the 21 Day Challenge through our crowdfunding page (watch this space). 

Go Green ...

In the Kitchen

  • Steer clear of processed food and reduce the packaging filling landfills
  • Shop organic and say no to the pesticides destroying insect life and poisoning waterways
  • Take reusable bags to the grocery shop
  • Increase plant-based meals and reduce the environmental impact of meat and dairy production


  • Think about giving a "service gift" rather than a material one. Movie tickets, swimming pool membership, admission to activities such as indoor climbing, kayak hire or dance lesson. These all reduce plastic, packaging and environmental impact
  • Decorate boxed gifts rather than use wrapping paper
  • Give a plant


  • Join groups that actively help the planet and are fun. Join a Roots & Shoots group or start one yourself, or undertake a project with your family
  • Recycle toys and sports equipment to friends, or your community via a toy library
  • Shop pre-loved for clothes or furniture.

For further information about the live the change challenge or to register your challenge please contact us.

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