1 elephant is killed for its ivory every 25 minutes. 1 rhino is brutally killed for its horn every 8 hours.

These magnificent animals are being traded into extinction — to supply a human desire for “luxury wildlife products”, to parade one’s “wealth and status”, to take home a tourist souvenir or to give a business partner a gift with “prestige”.

New Zealand is part of this global problem.  

The domestic trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn is unregulated in New Zealand, with no rules or any requirements to show proof of where and when the ivory or horn was obtained.  An elephant tusk can sell for more than NZD $7,000 while a pair of raw rhinoceros horns can fetch over NZD $38,000.

The great news is that New Zealand can choose to be part of the solution — by closing our domestic ivory and rhino horn market for good.

Together our global collective efforts can and will put an end to the cruel ivory and rhino horn trade. New Zealand can standby the international commitments it has made and “do its bit” to help save elephants and rhinos from extinction.

Here's what to do

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This letter, to the New Zealand Minister of Conservation, Hon Eugenie Sage, asks for a complete ban of the domestic ivory and rhino horn trade in New Zealand.

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"Please support our New Zealand campaign - all you have to do send the automated letter! And SHARE! Your message will go straight to the New Zealand Conservation Minister asking that New Zealand stop allowing the trade of ivory and rhino horn in our country: Yes, New Zealand has an unregulated ivory trade. Yes, illegally imported ivory makes its way into the NZ domestic market. But we can make a difference and stop these deaths!"