Roots & Shoots is launching in New Zealand & Dr. Jane is on her way! The 2017 Roots & Shoots Challenge is your chance to get involved and make a postive impact for animals, people and the environment. At the end of the Challenge groups with standout projects will have the chance to meet Dr. Jane in person. 

Get involved!

Habitats of Hope: Great 2017 Roots & Shoots Challenge

Address sustainability issues in your school, local community, country or world! Address the root causes of an issue, not just the symptoms. Consider the interconnectedness of animals, people and the environment—and work to make postive compassionate impacts for all.

Download a Roots & Shoots Challenge 2017 Flyer.


To challenge schools and students throughout New Zealand to get involved with the establishment of Roots & Shoots in New Zealand, and to develop a project with positive sustainability impacts for animals, people, and the environment.

For students to reflect on the impact they have made, the benefits of community conservation & how their habitat reflects the hope they have for habitats in the world.

For students to have the opportunity to present/promote/exhibit their projects & impacts during Dr. Jane’s visit to New Zealand in June 2017.


Groups can undertake a Challenge project any time between the beginning of 2017 until the end of May 2017.

The last date to provide your completed project details and challenge submission is the 31st of May 2017.

Outstanding projects will be selected shortly after this date and those selected groups notified.



The theme for the 2017 Roots & Shoots Challenge is "Habitats of Hope".

Habitats are the home or environment of animals, plants and/or people, where they live and grow. Habitats can be: Part of your school, part of your community, part of your country, part of the world.

Habitats of Hope relates to the positive change groups want to make and see for habitats around them and in the world, for the benefit of animals, people and the environment.

Roots & Shoots Project

Challenge projects are based on the journey formula steps of Roots & Shoots: Engage, Map, Action, Celebrate.

Projects should take a maximum of six weeks to undertake and the outline of those weeks is contained in the Challenge Flyer.

To find out more about undertaking a full project visit the Roots & Shoots home page.


Groups use the 6-week Roots & Shoots journey formula to explore issues facing Habitats in your school, community, region, New Zealand or the world.  

Groups must keep a ‘project diary’. This can be a video, students' journals, photographs or a scrapbook. 

Groups must demonstrate the positive impact they have made to benefit a Habitat, incorporating positive impacts for animals, people and the environment.

Groups must produce a statement/message of hope that they have for their habitat and habitats around the world.

Send your project plan and project diary to by May 31st.

Prizes will be awarded at levels - Years 0 -4, 5 -8, 7-10 and 11-13

Groups will be notified about their involvement with Dr. Jane in her 2017 tour of New Zealand.

To find out more about undertaking a full project visit the Roots & Shoots home page.

visit the roots & shoots home page

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For more information and support, email our Roots & Shoots National Co-ordinator, Deli Connell.

Email the JGI NZ Roots & Shoots National Coordinator