Thousands of people around New Zealand shared an evening with Dr Jane. They heard of a life shaped by animals and passion, from an early age. Dr Jane's drive and determination as she tracked an unknown path, with no initial formal training, undertaking research into chimpanzee behaviour. Breaking new ground in how we viewed animals and ourselves. 

The awaking the Dr Jane experienced - whereby she went from scientist to activist - that has lead to her not being more than three weeks in any one place for more than thirty years.

Dr Jane's insight that the interconnectedness of animals, people and the environment is key to ensuring prosperity for all that share this planet. Founding the Jane Goodall Institute and instituting sustainable development projects, addressing poverty, health and education needs. Protecting biodiversity - chimpanzees and other great apes - via habitat protection, research, education and direct sanctuary care. 

Dr Jane shared her greatest passion - JGI's Roots & Shoots programme, the sustainablity educaiton work of JGI. Through this programme, in now 100 countries, projects are being undertaken by individuals, families, school and University groups, companies and more, to answer the 'what can I do" question.

Dr Goodall's key take home message - You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. - And now that there is the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand, New Zealanders have a place to make such positive differences for animals, people, and our shared planet!

“We have inherited this planet from our parents; now we are stealing it from our children. The time will come when it is too late, but I think we have a window of time now and we have to get as many people to make as many little changes in their lives as possible before this window closes.”

An Evening with Dr Jane Goodall - Dunedin

Evening - Dunedin

Selection of meet & greet photos from the Dunedin event.

An Evening with Dr Jane Goodall - Wellington

Evening - Wellington

Selection of meet & greet photos from the Wellington event.

An Evening with Dr Jane Goodall - Christchurch

Evening - Christchurch

Selection of meet & greet photos from the Christchurch event.

An Evening with Dr Jane Goodall - Auckland

Evening - Auckland

Selection of meet & greet photos from the Auckland event.